Read All About It (Online)! Accessing Digitized Historical German Newspapers

With thanks to our GHI librarian, Anna Maria Boss. — Editorial note, Href

Articles from historical newspapers typically play an important role in primary-source document collections in both printed and digital form. GHDI is no exception: it presently includes hundreds of texts from German newspapers dating from the early nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. During the course of the relaunch, scores of new German newspaper articles will be added to this existing base. Likewise, newspaper articles will feature prominently in the German History Intersections project.

Central Institute for Journalism and Journalistic Studies at the University of Leipzig (Das Zentrale Institut für Publizistik und Zeitungswissenschaft der Universität Leipzig). Source: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-10739-0008.

Many German research libraries have recently completed ambitious newspaper digitization projects, often with the support of the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or DFG). These projects offer new access to German historical newspapers and thus make it possible for students, scholars, and researchers from all over the world to work with these sources firsthand. To spread the word about these efforts, we recently asked GHI librarian Anna Maria Boss to point out some key newspaper digitization projects based in German libraries and other institutions. She recommended the following:

For information on newspaper projects in other parts of Europe, two additional resources are useful:

Anna Maria Boss has been the head librarian at the GHI since 2016. She received her degree in library science from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and worked as a librarian in various institutions of the German military, most recently as a reference librarian and information specialist, before coming to Washington.

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